Law of Supply

Law of Giving


The Law of Supply

The first law of giving is spiritual. Give to all you meet, or whose lives touch yours.

Give them your prayers, your time, yourselves, your love, and your thought. Practice giving spiritually first.

Then you give of this world’s goods and money, as they are given to you.

Make it a habit of giving daily, hourly, ever increasingly, of a higher plane before giving money and material things.

Give, give, give all your best to all who need it.

Be great givers— great givers.

Give as your Father in Heaven gives.

Matthew 5:45b (NIV)
He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous


Remember to give according to need, never according to what the person deserves.

When you give intending to supply a real need, you closely resemble your Father in Heaven, the Great Giver.

As you receive, you must supply the needs of those I bring to you. Not questioning, not limiting.

Their closeness to you, their relationship, must never count. Their need must guide you.

Pray to become great givers.

Source: God calling by Two Listeners

Law of Supply

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