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A failed business. A pile of debts. A failing marriage. My entire world was fast collapsing when Jesus stepped in.

Instead of delivering me, Jesus allowed me to become a bankrupt, and I lost everything.

Broken, ashamed, disappointed, desperate, confused, afraid and all alone… that’s where I found Jesus. I realised then that He had planned and intended this for my greatest blessing.

Mat10:29 …whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

This is my journey to knowing Him as the God who provides.

What they say…

I finished reading your book in one sitting! Riveting!

June Lim

It you want a book to deepen your faith and to convict you, this book will make you look at your own walk with God and clearly see where you can grow in love of God and His Children.

Virgil L.

Thank you for writing this. The Lord is going to use this book to set many lives free. I was especially moved to read of your relentless trust in a relentless God.

Tan Lay Leng

What a wonderful book that shows what it means to surrender totally to the Lord!


… this book stands as a statement of encouragement and a witness to faith in a miracle working God. A great read.

Meredith Swift

If you are in a place where you wonder about God’s faithfulness, this book will open your eyes to the possibilities!

Darci Steiner

This book is a great example of what God can do for and through someone when they are truly willing to surrender all to Him. It is a convicting challenge to believers to evaluate how much we truly are relying on God’s provision versus our own.

Tina Pocernich


2021 was an amazing year filled with wonderful intervention from God. It started with a shocking discovery of cancer, and how God would turn everything around for good. I’m sure it’ll encourage you. Read about it here.

The diagnosis also meant I have time to rest from the mission field, giving me time to finish my book – Bankrupt for Christ.


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